Progress towards the common European objectives in education and training (2010/2011) - Indicators and benchmarks

The European Commission's annual progress reports measure developments in education and training across the EU, using a series of indicators, benchmarks and research results.
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Teachers' Professional Development: Europe in International Comparison

TALIS-OCSE and the European Commission

Teaching Standards Development - US

Standards are developed by a committee of outstanding educators who are broadly representative of accomplished professionals in their field. While the majority of each committee is made up of classroom teachers, other members may include experts in child development, teacher education and relevant disciplines. The committee provides recommendations to the National Board and advises those involved in developing the corresponding assessment.

Innovazione e Ricerca 2020

Si pubblica un importante documento della Commissione Europea, utile a orientare in ordine agli obiettivi strategici dell'Innovazione (Europe 2020).
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Education at a Glance 2010”. Pubblicato il rapporto annuale dell'OCSE (Organizzazione per la Cooperazione e lo Sviluppo Economico) dedicato all'istruzione.
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